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Trump backtracks on abortion punishment statement

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump feigns cold, in reference to opponent Hilary Clinton, at rally in Pittsburgh

Donald Trump is in hot water again this week.

The Republican presidential hopeful proposed that women who had abortions should be punished in some way.

When Trump came under fire for the statements, he appeared to back-track and say that it isn’t the women who should be punished, but the doctors who perform abortions.

Trump also says he plans to ban abortions, as the women and fetus are the victims of this crime in this case. Trump maintains that he is pro-life, but with some exceptions to that rule.

Ted Cruz, another Republican nominee, condemned Trump’s statements as a means of getting attention and a way of proving that Mr. Trump does not think about issues.

The Republican party’s official stance on abortions is that it should be illegal; however, abortion has been legal in the United States since 1973.

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